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Happy Birthday, Ripley! Ten Years Old

It's my party!

It’s my party!

Today is a big day in our household. Ripley, the caped wonder, is celebrating her tenth birthday.

We had to commemorate the occasion with something special. So earlier this week, I stopped by the Dollar Tree in Healdsburg and picked up candles and party hats. And today, we made a trip to the grocery store for ice cream. Of course, we needed to document the festivities. There was a bit of a bribery involved with dog biscuits as we tried to convince Malaki, Ripley’s brother, to tolerate the hat. He wasn’t too convinced. Several attempts were made. Finally, we managed to take a few photos. Ripley is much more tolerant of these situations, having put up with me for many more years. Then I placed two bowls of vanilla ice cream on the deck with candles in them – unlit. I didn’t want to push my luck. I figured, worse case scenario, a dog might eat some wax. But remarkably, both dogs remained in the sit and stay pose while I snapped a few more pictures, without lunging for the bowls.

Tongue-licking expectation

Tongue-licking expectation

Then I removed the candles, and let them go for it. Malaki wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first. Sabrina had to dip a cookie in to convince him that the bowl wasn’t poisoned. Ripley had no such qualms. I had made rather heaping portions for the photo op, and Sabrina’s wiser head prevailed; she stopped the dogs halfway through. We retired the remaining ice cream to a tupperware container for later consumption.

This is actually part of a longer tradition with Ripley. When I used to work in Calistoga at the newspaper, to celebrate on her birthday we would go to the frozen yogurt shop, and I would buy a kid-sized plain frozen yogurt cup just for her. Then we’d sit outside on the patio, where she was allowed to lick up the whole thing herself, much to the delight of the passing tourists. The Cloverdale grocery store didn’t have any frozen yogurt, so vanilla ice cream was my closest compromise.

This hat is ridiculous. Can we just eat?

This hat is ridiculous. Can we just eat?

Earlier today, Ripley and I attended the Healdsburg Literary Guild’s Graveside Readings at Oak Mound Cemetery in Healdsburg, an annual event for that group, where writers come together in the old part of the cemetery on Memorial Day Weekend to read verse. When we arrived, I announced Ripley’s birthday, and one friend said, “Wow, that makes her seventy years old!” I turned to Ripley and said, “Any retirement plans?” At that precise moment, she happened to vigorously shake her head side to side several times. Everyone laughed. Apparently, her answer is a resounding no.

It’s hard to believe it was ten years ago that I brought home that little fluff-ball blonde puppy, who over the first year in our household chewed up three of my flip-flops, a library book, and an inordinate number of items owned by Sabrina, among them her leather wallet, leather checkbook cover, and a belt. She was a gift from Sabrina, shortly after we moved in together – the first dog I had had since I was a child.

Our bond was instant and strong. A few years later, when I was having medical issues and began exploring the idea of having a service dog, I was faced with a choice: Should I seek out a new dog to
help me, or should I first see if the dog I have is capable of providing what I need? I decided to work with Ripley, to see if she would be able to transition from being a companion animal to becoming a service dog. With the assistance of some expert trainers and lots of support, I began working with her. She astounded me, over and over again. Everything I asked her to do, she did. It was as if she had just been waiting for the opportunity. We were meant to be a working team.

That's my ice cream!

That’s my ice cream!

And now here we are. Ten years together. She is still fit, still wanting to work, at least for now. I know the time will come sometime in the next few years that she really will need to retire. That’s going to be a hard one. I will get another service dog. But there will never be another Ripley. She’s always going to be the first, and the dearest.

Happy birthday, Ripley. Love you more than words can express.

P.S. Today is also the birthday of our good friend Andrew. He turned seven today. Ripley is thrilled to share a birthday with him. Sending dog kisses to Andrew from Ripley, and hugs from me.


Service Dogs Welcome

Service Dog sign

Service Dog sign

I’m not sure what triggered the sudden appearance of these signs at all of the Starbucks stores, but they are now posted on bulletin boards everywhere – and it’s a nice feeling to have a big welcome when I go in to buy my coffee. Not only a welcome, but an explanation of what a service dog is. Thanks, Starbucks.

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