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My wife and I love to give each other presents for no particular reason. It’s partially a by-product of the fact that we are both Christmas babies. She was born Christmas day, and I was born the day after. So, we figure, we have a lot of catching up to do. All those years when it felt like it was a two-fer. (As much as our parents tried to make it not that way – I’m not blaming them. It’s the curse of the holiday season.)

My last boss, Pat at the Calistoga Tribune, was also fond of spontaneous gift-giving. Just little things. She called them “sprezzies,” a term she had picked up from years at Girl Scout camps, first as a camper, later as a leader. “Sprezzies” is short for “surprise presents.” My favorite from Pat is a lapel pin, a single silver wing. At first I thought it was simply a reference to my last name – I wrote a column for the paper called “Wingin’ It.” But then she said, “Look closer.” On the cardboard backing, it said, “Left Wing.” Ha! Love it!

So Sabrina came into my writing studio this past week with a “sprezzie.” Like them? Dog slippers! Half a dog on the left foot, the other half on the right.

I couldn’t be more tickled.

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