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Hey, Ripley and I are getting out in the world! The blogosphere, that is. A few months ago, I was contacted by Marshal Zeringue, the host of a blog called Coffee with a Canine. He found me and Ripley through our Canine Bodhisattva postings, and invited us to be guests on his site. Eternally busy, it took me a while to get back to him, but I finally did. Marshal explained the rules – you take your dog out for a coffee date (to a cafe, or a park, or wherever), snap a few photos, and when you return, answer the questions that have been provided ahead of time. You got it, I said. We’re game!

Ripley and I are the featured pair on the Coffee with the Canine website on Jan. 8, visiting our favorite Cloverdale hangout, Plank Coffee – click here to read our interview. The participants (human) on Coffee with a Canine seem to all have some literary connection – writers, freelancers, bloggers, or artists such as photographers or children’s book illustrators. You can search through the archives by dog breed, with dozens and dozens of dogs to choose from.

It’s a fun place to pop in for a morning cuppa, meet a friend and revel in dog stories.

Here’s the main site link: Coffee with a Canine.

Grab some hot coffee and enjoy!



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  1. Hi, a friend passed along the Coffee with a Canine link about you, which brought me here. I love the name Canine Bodhisattva, and relate to your experience with your dogs fighting. We have two German shepherds who are basically friends, but have gotten in some scuffles. It’s very scary and near impossible for one person to break up the fight.

    I enjoy reading about you and Ripley.

    • Kari, thanks for stopping by Canine Bodhisattva. I’d love it if you signed up for future posts!
      I have to tell you, dog fights are my absolute worst nightmare! I agree with you – with big dogs, it’s almost impossible to break up the fight. My wife, Sabrina, used to work as a veterinary technician, and also worked for awhile with a woman who bred wolfhounds. She has taught me a lot about working with/handling big dogs. Ripley is small for a lab, short in stature, weighing about 54 pounds. But we have a Ridgeback/Rottweiler cross (about 105 pounds when he was at his prime), and we’ve had the Dane, who was over 120 pounds. Sabrina said if there’s a fight, use whatever you have at hand to break it up – throw a chair if you have to. Because any damage you cause will be negligent compared to the damage the dogs are doing to each other. That stuck in my head, and that first attack on Ripley, I actually broke it up by thwacking the Dane on the back with a walker. (I had recently had surgery, and the walker was still leaning against the wall, folded up.) Without that surprise, I don’t think she would have let go….And it didn’t hurt her at all.

      • I subscribed and look forward to reading more of your adventures.

        I got an air horn and one of those citronella sprays (Spray Shield) after my dogs’ worst fight. They’ve had one scuffle since then, and neither device worked at ALL. Leo, my larger dog, wound up with his head coated in citronella and my boyfriend and I still had to grab hold of each and pull them apart. Fortunately, neither of us got bitten, and neither did the dogs, although it was hard to tell because Leo’s head was all wet!

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